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1976 25-Cent PROOF. RPM. Do you think?

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  • 1976 25-Cent PROOF. RPM. Do you think?

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    This gallery has 6 photos.

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    highly unlikely. there are none listed on variety vista fwiw.

    you can still check the coneca files and wexler's site.

    the bottom of the mint mark looks interesting but i can't tell much from the images provided.


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      Afternoon 279773,
      This photo #1 is closer, but now you have to make sure the photo is in focus.
      also the photo was taken at an angle, try to shoot the coin strait on so we can see most of the mintmark.


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        Ok I have read that last one and will in time get a good photo


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          I do not think it is doubling, as there were a number of issues with thick mint marks on the halves, due to overly polished dies, but I also agree that better pictures are a must to accurately assess the question. and of course now that I am looking for it, I cannot find my source article about the over polished dies. I will link it when I find it.


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            Definitely need better focus and less glare, which, believe me is difficult to get, But I stand behind what I said before, not doubling, in my opinion, an overly polished die that has left a 'fat' S, but not a doubled one. Fairly common from what I have seen.


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              I have a few questions to clarify: #1 - where are you seeing what you believe is an RPM?
              What shows in the upper loop of your photo's inside the primary S is metal flow from the planchet. - You will see this on alot of coins. Not an RPM.

              The only thing I see in the photo that has a possibility. Upper loop near the cross of the S middle to the west looks like a small nub. right between upper and lower loop
              This leads to the next question, Do you see a serif on the lower loop of the mintmark - ""Bottom""? If you do not - this would classify as ONE pick up point or PUP. That would be - "Not enouph to prove an RPM." It could be a well placed gouge.

              If you have a lower serif and the nub, then the RPM designation is possible.
              I would try to take a photo of the bottom loop of the mintmark and see if you have any seperation that could be a serif, "" I see a possibliity (3) photo first post"" - then you will need to copy a photo of your primary mintmark photo and overlay the copy with the coin photo to see if the remnant maybe possible in an overlay, if the remnants show that they could be an RPM then it's worth paying for an in hand examination.

              Suggestion on photo's for proofs: Use coffee filters on your LED's to trim down the light. I have about a dozen on each light.
              Hope this helps,
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                Imma melt this one


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                  I like the filter idea i will try on other coins