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Feeble attempt at rpm pics, Jeffersons

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  • Feeble attempt at rpm pics, Jeffersons

    Since my last computer crash I am left with just a smart phone and iPad to do my computing. I pulled a few pics earlier . First I believe is a 1938D/D. Next two are twins separated at birth 1946D/D NE, one went to a rich family and was well taken care of, other bought too many nickel candies. I know the zoom on the photos make all 3 look like crap but the 38 and one of the 46 are great coins. HH Mark
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    Nice ! I have a few mild suggestions.
    See if the devices you ar shooting these photos with has a close up feature or a MACRO setting. It will make the photos come out pretty clear.
    Its better to have a well focused shot a few inches back, than a close photo that's not quite focused. Some people here have photo editing software that might be able to help tweak in your photos.

    Looks like you have the lighting part down fine, congrats on that.

    I have a few 1954 nickels, they are either 54-D or 54-S which have some sort of diechip or other issue North of the date. If I can find the time, I'll take a few photos and post them on the CONECA forum.

    Photos are half decent, they DO show what you state. = )
    Gary Kozera
    CONECA State Representative for Virginia
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      Thanks. I think my main problem is holding the phone still, I know how to remedy it just don't have the tools. 20 boxes/wk is alot of sorting so time is precious too. HH, Mark


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        I wonder if the device has an photo type timer, where you can set it at the longest setting.

        I don't know the size or shape of the device your using, but I think a tower of books might allow you to get the target distance. Then, hit the timer and gently place the device down. It should take the photo with hands free and potentially with less
        shaking. There are a lot of creative ways to snap some good photos, some methods are absolutely free. = )

        I too had issues with my Canon Rebel T3i. Its on a copy stand and just the smallest movement sent that camera into an shaking fit. Then I seen a Canon remote shutter for 12 bucks and now, life it mucho better. A long time ago I decided to take the dive and buy the equipment I needed to enjoy taking photos of coins and eventually of other things as well. The addition of a tri-nocular microscope, a microscope camera and an already purchased laptop allow for some close up shots. In the end it has saved my eyes from much strain and I can produce decent quality photos for the people who visit the online store, CONECA Table at shows and the forums I visit.

        I needed a new phone, so I went with the LG G4. The camera and related built in technology is amazing. The amount of options on this phone to shoot photos is close to what a DSLR camera has. Its one that will be used in situations where I don't have time to set up all the equipment to research a coin. I am one that uses a phone for what it is meant to be - a phone. But when doing my research, and seeing the camera options on this phone, for me it was a no-brainer.

        The only thing about having a pile of books or other height is making sure the lighting is good. The device can be bridged over 2 piles of the same height, or even one pile if the device has a camera near the top center. Good thing about this idea is much like a camera ready table, the device is fixed at a certain height. Then as long as the coins are of the same type, there is a good chance all will take decent photos.

        Ahhhh sorting, oh yes. I had bought some ziplock plastic containers and put notepad stickies on them for a year range, I'd bust open a roll and depending on the year range, i could sort it down to known-good error years, then use the rest for P,D, S or a year range (say 1960-65)
        Sorting does take time, but its a good practice.

        Whatever method you choose, feel free to ask questions and post more photos. Every collector loves to see photos.... Then they get to see what an actual variety looks like which is typically better than a book can produce.
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        Gary Kozera
        CONECA State Representative for Virginia
        Website: http://www.minterrors.org
        Auction House: http://auctions.minterrors.org
        Store: http://minterrors.org/index.php?/store/


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          I used to sort into piles the older ones because that was what I was told to do, but when I had a whole bowl of '54S and had to go through hoping to find a s/d that was a headache. Now I pull all the '59 and older look at the mms right away anything interesting I keep others go to a hoarder friend for a small profit every week or so, rest goes back to the bank for more. So that is what works for me today and I don't know of anybody going through more nickels than ME.


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            Wizard Supply sells a cell phone attachment for shooting shot like this. Maybe $20. Got mine in sale for about $10 but never used it.
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              I bought a macro lens attachment for my iPhone 4 on eBay for $2.99 free ship. I'm very pleased with it!image.jpg


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                That's a nice shot Jay, thanks for sharing. HH Mark