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2004 & 2005 Proof 25c w/added details

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  • 2004 & 2005 Proof 25c w/added details


    These photos are of a 2004 Texas and 2005 Kansas proof quarters (in sets) with added lines of detail. There is some doubling of LIBERTY and IGWT on both, but the strongest feature is the added lines of detail to Washington's hair on the 04 and to both the face and hair of the 05. The 05 is more prominent with all details of the face added to on the eyelid, above and below the eye, nostril, crease of nose, lips, smile line, and added profile from nose to throat.

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    I had several of these. When I looked at mine under a microscope. the lines were created by the cameo lines not reaching ( or covering) the entire device.
    In other words, the design wasn't doubled on my coins, it was the lack of the cameo covering that did not cover the entire surface of the design, making it appear that there was doubling.

    Some of these photos are blurry. I recommend backing off a bit when shooting the pictures until they are clear.
    Then people can enlarge the photo as necessary and give a better call what they see. Lighting is good, so all that needs work is a focus.

    I highly recommend looking at the website called;


    James Wiles adds alot of CONECA related material on the website, including photos where available.

    Master Listings is located here;

    State Quarter listings are here;

    James Wiles has the state quarters as "complete". Any quarter listings that have a link have ddo's. States with no links currently do not have any ddo's.
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