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1796 NC-2 Large Cent

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  • 1796 NC-2 Large Cent

    This is either the 10th or 11th known with one permanently in ANS and one listed as the Bird specimen in Noyes which is showing photos of the Denman NC-3. SO that is either an attribution error or a wrong photo. Hence the uncertainty of the census.

    Note This is the last use of Obverse DIe 8, previously used on S-92, S-93, NC-3, S-96, S-95 and S-93. It is the only use of Reverse Die M. My R7 rarity is based on the assumption that this is the 10th known specimen with only 9 of them available to collectors. A tenth specimen available to collectors would make it R7-.
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    Nice find!
    Jason Cuvelier

    Lead attributer


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      a lot of large cent attributers go a LONG time, maybe never before finding an NC.


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        Originally posted by occnumis2021 View Post

        a lot of large cent attributers go a LONG time, maybe never before finding an NC.
        I have quite a collection of them now.

        1793 NC-3 R8- 3rd KNOWN - While I didn't acquire this one, I identified it from Heritage Auctions Archives and Mark Borckhardt wrote a nice article in Penny-Wise (April 2019.) It's provenance dates back before the discovery coin. It had previously always sold as S-16.

        1796 NC-2 R7- 11th KNOWN - One in ANS. The Bird specimen exists and the Noyes Photo is simply a wrong photo. At PCGS for authentication, grading, true-view photography and attribution confirmation.

        1796 NC-4 R5+ Net VG PCGS Genuine F Details
        1796 NC-4 R5+ Net VG BALLY Counterstamp
        1796 NC-4 R5+ AG Details Net Fr2

        1797 NC-5 R6 PCGS Genuine Holed G Details
        1797 NC-5 R6 PCGS Genuine Damage VG Details

        1800 NC-2 R6+ BS-1 I think I see enough, but I cannot get confirmation.

        1800 NC-3 R5+ PCGS Genuine AG Details

        1801 NC-1 R5+ Raw Fr2

        1803 NC-1 R5+ Raw F Details Damaged
        1803 NC-1 R5+ Raw F Details Env Damage
        1803 NC-1 R5+ Raw VG Details

        Not bad on disability income. Coins are my Vice.
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          Originally posted by Marshall View Post
          I have quite a collection of them now.
          Not bad on disability income. Coins are my Vice.
          a lovely ensemble!


          having looked for them on and off over the years (amongst MANY other rarities in other series), i can attest to the dedication, focus, organization and enduring strength and more it takes to pull those from the woodwork!


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            This is a link with part of the story in the description area. I guess you can tell it was the highlight of my attribution career though the 1796 NC-2 may overtake it due to possession.