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What has happened to this Sweden 5 Íre 1965? Multiple struck.

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  • What has happened to this Sweden 5 Íre 1965? Multiple struck.

    It is struck at least 2 times. The weight is within margin 7,96 grams (8,0).
    It is thin and BIG! The diameter is 46x43mm! A normal 5 Íre is 27mm.

    See comparison with a normal 5 Íre 1965.

    What has happened to it? Is it a flattened die cap? I don't get it.
    Please help me with this.
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    Nobody wants to take a guess?

    My gut tells me this coin is the real deal and not a vice job, but i can't explain how it happened. A die cap only have one side with expanded design. This coin have both sides design expanded.
    There are 2 visible strikes on each side of the coin.

    At http://www.error-ref.com/part-vi-striking-errors/ there is an error called Sandwich strike between obverse and reverse die cap. How does such a coin look like? I can't find any pictures. Probably because they are exceedingly rare?

    Please someone, I can't sleep...


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      I'll take a guess.
      1. Planchet enters chamber
      2. Strike #1
      3. Strike #2 coin out of position, maybe without the collar, maybe with
      4. 2 planchets enter chamber sandwhiching the double struck coin
      5. those coins get pulverized a couple of times
      6. You inherit a beauty of an error!


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        Thank you for your guess! It's something like that I would imagine. Do you have a lot of experience in error coins?

        I just never thought that I would have to wait for more than a year on CONECAS official forum for a response.


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          1st time user to the site. I've been collecting since i was a kid. At least 35 years. Being 50 years old I'm at a point where I'm actually getting involved in this club. Been a life member for over 20 years. Read alot.

          I've been working through pounds of foreign erros and found a good number of doubled dies, so i check this place out. Saw your coin.

          It still could be a vise job, but there is no denying that the coin had two solid hits while in the press..... I doubt anyone would vice a double stuck piece..... very cool coin.