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1968 S Mint Marks

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  • 1968 S Mint Marks

    In rummaging through my collection of '68 Proof sets, I discovered that there are 2 distinctly different styles of Mint Marks on some of them. With this being the case, shouldn't this fall into the "Type 1 & Type 2" category just like the '81's? The difference is clear with one being more of a clump while the other is clear and defined. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks.

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    While its hard to define without seeing what you see. Is it possible that your just looking at (blobs) worn dies?


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      This topic can get deep, but let me try to keep it simple.

      I think it was 1968 when they moved all the mint marks from the backs of coins, to the front.

      From what I have read, a lot of the years the mint simply used whatever mint mark that was available, within reason when we are talking about size.

      To me, the topic is too generic. They made a wide variety of coins in the proof sets.

      I suggest going to the www.varietyvista.com website and researching each coin to see if they list different mint mark types for each coin. Some of the coins may well have used a wide variety of mint marks, others may not have.

      For Example, going to VV website and opening up the Washington quarters, there is a link for mint mark styles:

      I did not check the other denominations, but I am sure they offer something.
      Hope it gives you a path to research and find what your looking for.

      Sure we know collectors, hobbyists and authors know of the 1979-s and 1981, but as to when the mint actually tightened up the Quality Assurance/Quality Control on mint mark punches is still a question in my mind.
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        Check out the article on the CONECA web site regarding NGC's new discovery of the 68S Kennedy mintmark.

        Larry Nienaber