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2007 Madison Proof Error

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  • 2007 Madison Proof Error

    Hello, These are pics of a 2007 Madison pr and not sure what to call this type error..or error not. Coin is in NGC holder but not labeled as error just Pr69 UDC. I am sure that this was one of many coins sent for grading and paid for just grading and not the extra for error.. I found simular in Adams dollars 1 to be exact..looks as though there is either metal missing from rim face or perhaps raized rim of some sort...perhaps it's the only one in the world! Yeah..thats the ticket.. Easy to see. Thanks, clink
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    It appears to be a "finned rim". A thin vertical flange extends up from the rim/edge junction. It's an effect of excessive striking pressure. Coin metal squeezes into the narrow gap between die neck and collar. It's seen with some regularity on proofs, since these are struck several times under pressures greater than experienced by a business strike. No premium is attached to it, unless it's really high.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.