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Washington (State) 25c DDR or Not

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  • Washington (State) 25c DDR or Not

    The design of the Washington State Quarter reverse lends itself well to the type of doubling seen on the MN 25c DDRs - so I keep checking the center of the reverse - sure that I'll eventually find something. Yesterday I found this one...

    It is a raised bump at the center of the design that is not supposed to be there. Is it a DDR? Well, the other side of the coin told a different story...

    Looks alot like a die clash to me. There is a forest running through Washington's neck and into the field to the right. The area behind Washington's ear is filled in and there is an 'Extra Earlobe" like bump at the lower-left of the ear. All remnants of a strong die clash, I presume.

    Here is an overlay of what areas would clash on the Washington State design...

    As clashes go, this is a pretty strong one. Remnants extend from in front of the lip, under the chin, in the low areas behind and under the ear & jaw, and are still clearly visible in the field next to IGWT. But had the obverse die been changed out -- I just may have mistaken this coin for a DDR.

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    Very nice find Ken. How about an article for ERRORSCOPE on all these recent finds?

    BJ Neff
    Member of: ANA, CCC, CONECA, Fly-in-club, FUN, NLG & T.E.V.E.C.


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      Nice clash marks. Is that die crack/chips I see at the neck obverse?
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        Originally posted by wavysteps View Post
        Very nice find Ken. How about an article for ERRORSCOPE on all these recent finds?

        BJ Neff
        I've gone a little crazy with 'State Quarter' rolls lately - hoping to find another example of that 2001 NC "Extra Hair" variety. That is the one find that I think is pretty significant. Many of these others are fairly minor and the kind of stuff that those outside the hobby scoff at. But a die variety is a die variety in my book - and I've been posting them all here to see if I can't get more people to start looking at State Quarters. The clashes are fun, too -- but the circle of collectors for those is even smaller. The important thing is I'm having fun with it -- even though I still have not found another one of those NC die varieties. I'm bound and determined that I will, though.

        I'm surpised that a couple of my recent 'finds' have taken this long to be discovered. I guess few people are looking in volume. I've gone through aproximately 200 rolls in recent weeks -- and have a pretty nice little stack of die varieties to show for it. I have not had this kind of luck with Lincoln Cents - and frankly, I like the variety of searching the quarters. And I'm sure there are plenty more goodies to be found. Right now, I'm on a roll with the searching. When I get burnt out a bit and need a break, I'll think about seeing what might be good for an Error Scope article.

        Originally posted by rockdude View Post
        Nice clash marks. Is that die crack/chips I see at the neck obverse?
        Yes - the base of Washington's bust is in sorry shape. It has cracks and chips from one end to the other -- and a large chunk is missing from the die just past the designer's initials. I think this die was near its end.