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Questionable 2004 Lincoln cent, triple struck

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  • Questionable 2004 Lincoln cent, triple struck

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, phony or real?


    The seller has not respond to my request to show pictures of the reverse, even though I have contacted him twice.

    BJ Neff
    Member of: ANA, CCC, CONECA, Fly-in-club, FUN, NLG & T.E.V.E.C.

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    Hey BJ,

    This one was debated over on ECIE, which Mike D. hosts.

    Everyone there seems to be of the vote that it is clearly altered, and indeed a phony.

    CONECA Errorsope Editor


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      I think it is altered. There are some things that make it look good, such as the obliteration of the first two strikes that appear to be legit. The LIBERTYs and the DATES seem to look right in one respect but very wrong in others.

      What clinches it for me is that the dates that you see don't seem to be in the right positions relative to Lincoln's coat on each strike.

      Even if my view of the coin based upon the pictures draws a bad conclusion, there is something that just looks way off on this coin.



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        I am also quite sure that this coin was "garage" made using a soft die and my attempts to have the seller post pictures of the reverse have failed, as someone else tried to do over in ECIE.

        The last time that I tried to alert people on Ebay of this type of fakery, by posting in their coin forum, Ebay deleted my post and allowed the three very questionable coins to continue and end, with the unaware buyers not realizing that they had just wasted their money.

        I also thought that there was supposed to be a watchdog group on Ebay to catch stuff like this. Evidently not, or else they are not well versed in what a real error like this is.

        Maybe I should not be commenting on these fake error coins, however, I feel it is very detrimental to the hobby, especially to the error and variety collectors. In the long run, it is not just the people who make these little "gems", but also the people who sell them and the people (Ebay) who allow them to be auctioned.

        What can you do?

        BJ Neff
        Member of: ANA, CCC, CONECA, Fly-in-club, FUN, NLG & T.E.V.E.C.


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          Hi BJ,

          I've taken part in the "watchdog" group on eBay. There are some excellent numismatists in the group. We are thwarted by eBay at every turn. When we post about a fake, our posts are deleted. If we push the issue, we get banned from the boards that are there to warn people of counterfeits and forgeries.

          Several people who are excellent numismatists have had their accounts limited as a result of warning others of scams and forgeries.

          Entire forums have been removed by eBay as a result of our trying to warn people of frauds.

          We can discuss general things like how counterfeits are made, or watch out for Chinese Trade Dollars etc. but once we get specific and try to name a dealer or say that a dealer is selling counterfeits, we get warned by eBay to cease and desist.

          It is amazing !!

          By the way educating as many people as you can about the fakes and how they are made is , in my humble opinion, the best way to try to stem the tide of junk sold on Ebay. You can find thousands of coins that are fakes or misidentified, or overgraded at any given time.

          Ebay just started a policy whereby only the major grading services can advertise that their coins are certified. Immediately, some of the "reputable" graders have started to slab "pocket change" and other sellers have started to hijack other peoples photos of acceptable slabs to use in order to sell their junk.

          Ebay has become a dangerous place to play....

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            Hi Bill,
            My apologizes if I jump on the "watchdog group" without real knowing what was going on. It stands to reason that Ebay is the culprit for they did the same to me, as I have mentioned before.

            It is very shameful that these mis-representations, forgeries, fakes and such coins occur on just about a daily basis on Ebay. Their negligence and inabilities to control what goes on in their site, allows it to happen. Then on top of it, they prejudice those who are trying to correct their problem, mainly the "watchdog group".

            You are definitely right that education is the key to this problem. After a very long period, I have dusted off my skills and began to stand behind the podium once again (I was an instructor in the USN for seven years). I have started giving lectures on the various aspects of coins, mostly to the local club that I belong to. Hopefully, I'll be able to expand. It is also one of the reasons that I feel that CONECA should be at every major show. We are a educational organization and we should be reaching out to people to help them and what better a place than at a coin show. And of course writing, which I will continue to do for our ERRORSCOPE.

            Thanks for your input Bill on this subject. The posted coin will be going off today and it is still increasing in price. I can imagine the dismay when the winner finds out its true value.

            BJ Neff
            Member of: ANA, CCC, CONECA, Fly-in-club, FUN, NLG & T.E.V.E.C.