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Multiple Clip Half?

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  • Multiple Clip Half?

    Hi All,
    Found this in a roll today; it appears to be a multiple clip- two, maybe even 3 times. It does have the "rim softening" 180 degrees from the larger clip but the other one is offset a bit.
    Is it possible to tell from the photos whether this is a real mint error or just some post-mint damage?


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    It's a genuine triple clip. Nice find.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.


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      Originally posted by diamond View Post
      It's a genuine triple clip. Nice find.
      Thanks for the fast response. How does such an error occur? I can understand a single clip in terms of a sheet of metal not advancing far enough when being punched out for planchets, but it seems like the sheet would have to be more severely distorted to get multiple clips.


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        I've never really understood the odd spacing seen in many multiple clip errors. The spacing between the three clips certainly doesn't match that of normal coin metal strip "webbing". But that's true of 99% of multiple clips. So I'm not sure what sort of movement(s) of the coin metal strip would create this pattern as it passes through the blanking press.
        Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.