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1990 Penny Error ? Damage?? Please help

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  • 1990 Penny Error ? Damage?? Please help

    Hi ,
    Can someone help me to understand if this is an error or damage.
    does this have any value more than a penny
    Looks like something wrong with the Planchet or strike or someone did some damage outside mint ?
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    To me, it looks like damage done outside the Minting Process. Post Minting Damage (PMD).
    Lee Lydston


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      1990 Penny Error ? Damage?? Please help

      Thanks for reply. I am very new and starting to learn about coins.
      can you please enlighten on how this damage can be done outside mint.
      Also if by any chance if this is a mint error will this have a premium value?


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        Welcome to collecting coins


        The coin appears to have been sanded somewhat. It is a good coin to use for a reference as to some of the high points of the coin detail. The highest points will wear first.

        There are many tens of thousands of oddities you can find on coins. Post Mint damage refers to any condition chage that happened to the coin after leaving the mint. Some coins like pennies are stamped with a small profile of Kennedy to the right of Lincoln. These coins are considered damaged (not in original mint condition and usually have no added value but also decrease the value of the coin.

        Coins that leave the mint that are not exactly as designed are considered mint varieties or errors. Depending on the nature of the deviation from design and numbers of coins that way determines some of the added value. You can be sure it will take years of study to even get a strong handle on one particular denomination let along a crosssection of many coin denominations.

        If you are interested, I would suggest purchasing three sets of books to get started. "The Coin Collectors Survival Manual," "Striking It Rich with Pocket Change," and the two volume "Cherrypickers Guide."

        Coming to sites like this one, reading all the entries, studying the coin photos is a great way to learn quickly.

        In the end it will matter how hard you were bitten by the coin collecting bug. The more you like it, the better you will be at it.

        Good Luck and happy hunting.


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          1990 Penny Error ? Damage?? Please help

          Thanks for detailed explanation .