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CONECA (pronounced: CŌ´NECA) is a national numismatic organization devoted to the education of error and variety coin collectors. CONECA focuses on many error and variety specialties, including doubled dies, Repunched mintmarks, multiple errors, clips, double strikes, off-metals and off-centers—just to name a few. In addition to its website, CONECA publishes an educational journal, The Errorscope, which is printed and mailed to members bimonthly. CONECA offers a lending library, examination, listing and attribution services; it holds annual meetings at major conventions (referred to as Errorama) around the country.

CONECA was formed through a merger of CONE and NECA in early 1983. To learn more about the fascinating HISTORY OF THE ERROR HOBBY and THE HISTORY OF CONECA, we encourage you to visit us our main site Here

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Foreign error

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  • Foreign error

    Am i way off if I call this a broadstrike with partial collar?
    (and uncentered hole)
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    It's an uncentered broadstrike with a strong collar scar. Here it appears that the hole was present in the planchet before the strike, since it alone is well-centered and the shape is distorted. I'm getting rather confused about this center hole business. Perhaps I've got it all wrong, or perhaps the hole can be punched out before, after, or during the strike.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.


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      I`m getting a little confused with these holes myself. After looking at older coins with holes, it looks like the hole was punched before the striking, because they have small distortions in the egdes of the hole.

      But this it not the case with newer coins, there is no distortion to the hole on them.

      I`ll dig in to some old books again and see if I can find the answer, annoying not to know for sure


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        Here's another distorted hole:

        Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.