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1972-D Kennedy Half Weighing 13.4 grams, 2MM thick and slightly larger diameter???

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  • diamond
    It looks like it's been plated. It could also be a counterfeit, given that its weight greatly exceeds that of a normal clad half. Diameter seems normal.

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  • MintErrors
    Looks like a lot of post mint damage. The dents are typical of some one hanging this on a wall, in a frame or probably in some sort of chain/necklace.
    Typically, most pendants and the professionals that do that sort of thing only need 3 equally spaced marks on the rim area. This looks like someone
    simply on a whim decided to mail or screw this coin onto a wall.

    As for the color, who knows. Cleaning any coin typpically is not a good thing. Since this coin is severely damaged, its not going to hurt the collectible value of the coin, its basically worth 50 cents.

    If coins could tell the tale of what happened to them after they left the mint it would be easier to understand.
    I would think that if some one is going to go the extra effort to make something in a garage it would be a coin that might be a little more valuable.

    For me, I chock them up to PMD and move on.
    Last edited by MintErrors; 11-03-2016, 06:46 AM.

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  • 1972-D Kennedy Half Weighing 13.4 grams, 2MM thick and slightly larger diameter???

    I found this coin while looking through rolls. It caught my eye due to its white color. At first I thought there was paint on it, so I tried to get it cleaned off. I could not remove the "paint." I continued to examine the coin saw what I think are larger reeds along the edge of the coin. I wanted to know if this coin was tampered with? It looks white doing the tissue test and I cannot tell anything from the ring test. There are four areas along the rim that look like it was being held in place by something, though I don't know what. It looks like someone probably made this in a garage but I again do not know and wanted some expert opinions. In the third picture down from the top, the middle coin is the one in question. The rest of the pictures show the areas where it was being held in place by something. The last picture shows that it is slightly larger than normal. If more pictures are needed please ask and I will post them.Thank you for looking and the help!Image1024.jpgImage1023.jpgImage1017.jpgImage1018.jpgImage1021.jpgImage1020.jpgImage1019.jpgImage1016.jpg