I was in Raleigh Coin Club show a little while back and William brought me a Lincoln Wheat Cent to look over. He handed me the coin, and it was overly obvious in hand that this was way overweight for a Lincoln Wheat Cent. I had to shoot the coin and go to the other tables as people were waiting to make purchases, so this one was shot it some haste. First thing I did was weigh the coin. It read 13.4 grams. I was like, what the...... I removed the coin from the scale, shut the scale off, turned it back on. Put the coin back on the scale and it still registered 13.4 grams. It looks like a Lincoln Wheat Cent and possibly another strike on it as well.

I told William I would look into this, and not a better place to do so. I did say to him - what's this thing made of - Lead?