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1979 p DDO penny

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  • 1979 p DDO penny

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are having a great day. I wanted to share a picture of my 1979 p penny that seems to be a double die obverse, I compared this coin to a normal business strike penny graded MS64 at PCGS and the date, Liberty and in god we trust are thicker than a normal 1979p penny and the 9 on the 19 of the the had a complete separation on the bottom.
    after posting a photo in CoinHelpU community I was suggested to share the photo here to get your opinion and for a possible attribution.

    I do not see any sign of MD anywhere on the coin and of you suspect there is a MD please let me know and I will be more than happy to post photos by tomorrow.

    Thank you for your time
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    I think we are seeing die wear and some sort of hit on the first nine. I do not detect class VI extra thickness.
    Jason Cuvelier

    Lead attributer


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      Hello Jason,
      I currently don’t have a right equipment to take a professional photos but I tried my best by putting the jewelry loop on my phones, I tried my best to show you the separation on the earlier photo.

      im waiting for a new microscope currently I apologize.
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        We made a decision to try and keep the discussion on the board as opposed to PMs as per a previous incident. Thanks for the additional photos of the 1979, I still see a normal coin with die wear. 1974-1982 are very hard years to pick out a class VI doubled die.

        Jason Cuvelier

        Lead attributer


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          I realized that I forgot to post a photo from the back of the coin.
          I do not want to waste anyone’s time I just want to share one last photo.

          Yes I have Aspergers, I also have a above average IQ and always search for logic and nothing else.

          let me explain something, from early on when I started collecting pennies I noticed that over 90% of the DDR/DDOs are having very common similarities,
          1st - the T in United will be missing a part of the right side.
          2nd - R and I in the motto will be touching.

          I will only post one last photos here and if you believe in logic you might tell yourself maybe he is right.

          thanks for al of your time
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