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Bicentennial ike dollar DDO

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  • Bicentennial ike dollar DDO

    I discovered a error frenzy on my bicentennial ike dollar obverse. From the dates 1776.1976, the s. mint mark, the designers initials F. G.And the RTY in Liberty. And concluding with the edge rim error counter clock wise. Beginning at the B in Liberty and extending down towards the truncate doubling stopping at the I in God WE TRUST
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    No photos are showing up. I don't know exactly what an error frenzy is, so can you be more specific what it is about these devices you are seeing?
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


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      Sorry I’m on it


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        As I,said this Ike dollar DDO is loaded. With DDO’s. I will mcheck for DDR’s next
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          As for the DDR a lot of creepy phots taken. This type 1 reverse has a lot of doubling and raise images of the coin . Starting with the letters on the top United States of America appeared doubling and raised and doubling. The UNIT the I is truncated in the top bottom rim. The D, appears to to have a piece of metal raised on the D doward. STATES, appear raised wit doubling the; ATE and S , bottom of the A, appears to be touching the bottom Sefer of the doubling S. The word AMERICA, appears to be a close am. The T raised E is touching the bottom of the raised doubling E is touching the bottom of the E and R, the Z seems truncated towards top of rim.
          A the bottom is close to A, also the motto’s E over PLURIBUS UNUM is raised doubling. The bottom word DOLLAR is raised with doubling throughout. The second I, appears fished with the letter the A by the die strike or piece of metal appears as two tear drops of mental clearly seen. The R shows strong doublinthe initials of the designers also shows doubling The Onehas doubling and raised on all the letters “ The lettering including the two stars on bottom reverse each appears doubling the star between AMERICA and DOLLAR. And the star between the one and UNITED is raised and doubling.
          Doubling also appears on all lettering on the Liberty Bell. The crack in the Liberty bell appears to be raised as well extends from the bottom ribbon of the bell upwards thru the phase to the top of the bell through the phase to the last ribbon. The Liberty bell also has a circumference that. appears raised off the back drop of the moonlight side of the moon. The Liberty bell and moon assending towards the top dark side appears to be raised towards the bottom of the title UNITED States of America settling short and rain off the coin. Thy moon creators and other back ground images appears to come to life. And the lettering appears to be flush and doubling inside the coins rim.

          I had three other people take these photos with me .


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            Moderator could you please forward Mr. Lighterman’s email address to me so that I may send him my 1909 vdb matte proof, for his opinion. My email (traeseyhorton@icloud. com.
            Traesey Horton


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              I sent his email address. Look in your private messages.

              Bob Piazza
              Lincoln Cent Attributer