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2018-P Flattened Reverse?

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  • 2018-P Flattened Reverse?

    Well, this is certainly interesting. While hunting through some circulated rolls, I found this 2018-P Lincoln penny, with a completely missing reverse.

    Instead, it seems as though the zinc core has been exposed and flattened. Further, you can see, in just the right light, the outline of the shield reverse.

    Please see photos attached for reference.
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    looks like when someone slammed on their brakes, that cent was on the road and it caused the car to slide and while it was slide, scraped off one side completely. it is crazy how things like that happen!


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      In my opinion, definitely post mint damage. Some one went out of their way to use a tool to file away the reverse. Those scratches are pretty evident.

      I don't believe it's a split planchet. IF it was the reverse would have been 100 percent zinc exposed, and its life time in circulation would have been limited.
      Gary Kozera
      Website: https://MintErrors.org

      Unsure if it is mechanical/machine/strike doubling or damage? I suggest reading the posts below !

      What is mechanical or machine damage

      Die varieties with a practice attribution and photo tips.


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        Perhaps so! I just find it especially curious because the obverse is intact. How they managed to remove the reverse through filing or whatever means without harming the obverse is beyond me.