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1836/1386 Overdate? Capped Bust Half W/Rev Die Rotation

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  • 1836/1386 Overdate? Capped Bust Half W/Rev Die Rotation

    I posted this last month and have had 45 views but, no replies so, I am posting it again with a better detailed pic of the date. It looks like an overdate to me but I think it is possible that it could be a die crack. This coin also has a Reverse Die Rotation of approx. 30 degree counter (I think is correct) clockwise which I have included a pic. I don't have a chart for determining die rotation but I drew a circle marking it at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock and flipped the coin heads down from a straight up and down Obverse. Any ideas or opinions? Thanks for your input. Fran
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    1836/1336 Overdate? Capped Bust Half W/Rev Die Rotation

    I have posted this twice and it has had 57 views but no feedback. Does anyone in the forum have any knowledge about whether or not this might be an 1836/1336? Is there another forum where I can post that someone might know what this is? There is definitely something in the lower left loop of the 8 which I would like an opinion on. If it's not an 1836/1336 then it must be a die crack or possibly a struck thru error. Also as previously mentioned the coin has a rotated reverse die. Help
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      I am not much on the "Capped Liberty" series, however, if it were the 1338 variety I would think that more of the 3 would show behind the 8.

      I also looked for one of our folks in CONECA who would know the answer and came up with a blank.

      What you may try is the PCGS message board and see if you can get an answer there.

      Sorry that I did not get back to you on this one; guess that I was hoping that someone else had the answer.

      BJ Neff
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        Hi Searching,

        Like BJ, I think I was waiting for a more experienced half collector to jump in on this one. I checked Heritage.com and compared your coin to their high quality pics and there are some similarities between the two. One thing that a lot of these varieties has is a die crack starting at the top of the 1 leading up towards the bust then leading East over to the first star and connecting (either the first 3 stars or first 3 points of the star...already forgot!!) I don't know if ALL have the die crack. Looking at your close-up of the date I "think" I can see a faint crack above the 1 but hard to tell from the picture. Since you have it in hand, is the crack there?
        If you haven't already, take a look at their pictures and you will see what I'm talking about. Also like what BJ said, post on the PCGS board for advice. There is a huge variety of collectors on there. Good Luck!


        Edit: I pointed out what might be the die crack.
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          Thank you BJ for your reply. I notice you mentioned a 1338 variety. Did you mean 1336? PCGS has a 1836/1336 listed in their Capped Bust half price sheet which is what I was referring to. I have posted another pic that is on the dark side and it shows more of what looks like could be the tail of a three but it doesn't show the 1 and possible crack or whatever. Maybe it will be helpful. Notice the first pic on the original post. If it isn't an 8/3 then perhaps it is a die crack, struck thru or something of the sort because you can see what appears to be a bulged line from the 1 into the 8. I'll check out the PCGS message board you mentioned. Thank you for your reply.

          Thank you also, Lestrrr, for your reply. I'll check the coin to see if I can see what appears to be a crack. As I mentioned to BJ, what I think is possibly an 8/3 might be a die crack instead but it goes from the 1 into the 8.
          Thanks you for your input.
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            I goofed... the "Title" should read 1836/1336 "NOT" 1836/1386. Maybe that's one of the reasons that I never received any feedback on the post till now. SORRY! Is there any way I can correct the Title on the original at this late date? I did manage to correct the title on the re-post but not the original post.
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              I don't believe that its an overdate. It does look like something is in the 8. I would suggest that you visit www.coinzip.com. Thats the forum where most if not all of the Bust Halve Nut members hang out. If you can not get an answer there, I am afraid there is no answer. Most of the authors of the Bust series books hang out there as well. Some heavy duty hitters so to speak.

              Best of luck my friend.
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                1836/1336 Overdate? Capped Bust Half W/Rev Die Rotation

                Lestrrr... I checked the coin and can't really see a crack from the 1 upwards over to the star as you described. There could possibly be a crack just under the bust but I can't be certain about that either because sometimes it's hard to tell if it's a crack or a scratch and there are several scratches on the coin. I have attached more pics that seem to show a die crack running from the left of the 1 underneath it and under the lower edge of the 8 then loops around in the 8 and goes back towards the 1. There appears that the crack may extend to the 3 but can't be certain on that either. If it isn't an 8/3 overdate and/or a die crack, maybe it's a struck thru considering how the line runs and curves back around to the 1? The reverse shows the die roatation although I don't know if it's enough to be considered a rotated die. I believe it's 30+ degrees counter clockwise. Anyway... thanks for your input and I will check out the boards that you and Jim suggested.
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                  Thanks again Jim for pointing me to coinzip.com. I have compared all the pics of my coin (s) with 1836/1336 overdate Capped Bust Halves on that
                  site and am satisified that mine (both) are indeed the overdate as seen in my posted photos. Both of my coins also have the die crack from the left of the 1 at the bottom of the date to the 3, but is not visible to the 1st star (to the right) but is visible from the 2nd star through the 5th star. I'm sure it probably shows ever so faintly from the date to the 1st star and from the 5th to the 6th star but I haven't been able to detect it myself. Both coins reverse also have the ball on the eagle's claw clasping the broken arrow. I know absolutely nothing about the error numbers assigned to these coins so I have not yet determined which die it is. The pic I have posted below leaves no doubt in my mind that this is an overdate. My 1st pic below very clearly shows the tail of a 3 in the bottom 8 loop and you can even see part of the top of the 3 in the upper loop. Pic #2 shows a lump on the left side of the botom 8 loop and pic #3 shows a shiny spot on the side of the bottom loop of the 8 where the 3 protrudes outside the 8 loop. My coins are not high grade but nontheless, they're mine and I found these errors. I posted this many months ago on this forum but the other day was the only feedback I got from the post. I'm sure part of that had to do with my date error in the title. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Jim. Have a great week.
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