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1955 S 1c Extremely Weak Strike

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  • 1955 S 1c Extremely Weak Strike

    Another 55' find. Both sides of this one (I also have others like it) seem as if it was so weakly struck, there are untouched parts of the blank showing through? The reverse is so weak that most of the details below cent are barely, if visible at all. The obverse has most of the open field areas untouched with "IBE" of LIBERTY extremely faint. Some of the others like this one also have chips where the "9" and S mint mark half filled. Common or uncommon for this year?

    2017-11-09 11.25.05.jpg2017-11-09 11.25.56.jpg2017-11-09 11.27.45.jpg2017-11-09 11.26.59.jpg

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    It's not a weak strike. The affected areas were struck through "grease" (die crud). A common error that carries negligible value.
    Mike Diamond. Error coin writer and researcher.