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1971 D Lincoln Cent "E" in "Liberty"?

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  • Vince Bonacci
    I do agree I was stuck looking at the 0 and looking closely at it it doesn't seem to have the the small o in it nor does the six . But I don't think it is a proof strike , I think it has a proof like appearance especially the reverse it is very sharp and beautiful details .

    I do appreciate your helpful input and now know that it is not an overdate .

    Thanks again
    Vince Bonacci

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  • MintErrors
    In my opinion, it is localized machine doubling (worthless) of some sort.
    The area appears to be lower and shelf like.
    The letter appears to be thinner.
    If that letter was brought up to the same height, it would look like a normal letter.

    Doubled dies typically are a bit wider than normal
    Doubled dies typically have the affected area close to the same height.
    Doubled dies may exhibit cookie cutter style lines where one impression was on to of another.
    Doubled dies may show notching or split serifs at the affected areas.

    These doubled dies are more than one hubbing ( or impression) struck into steel working dies. The areas of doubling do not move or change. Typically, doubled dies do have more than a single device doubled.

    VarietyVista.com has only one DDO, and this is not it.

    Have a look at this post and you can see what a doubled die can look like so you have something to compare.


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  • Chadpage154
    started a topic 1971 D Lincoln Cent "E" in "Liberty"?

    1971 D Lincoln Cent "E" in "Liberty"?

    20240210_224556.jpg 20240210_224703.jpg 20240210_224547.jpg 20240210_224612.jpg 20240210_224618.jpg So I stumbled upon this 1971 D Lincoln Cent in my travels and I noticed that the "E" in "Liberty" looked different. Is this a DDO? Wexler only showed one. Any thoughts?