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1995 LMP DDO

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  • 1995 LMP DDO

    I was going through my key year/odd appearance pennies earlier and found this 1995 LMP. It lines up with DDO examples on variety sites. I'm just curious as to one, it's indeed what I believe and two, the extent in comparison to most examples?
    Thanks as always.
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    Down face and bust.
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      I do not see any indication that this coin has hub doubling. You say it matches up to examples on variety sites. Which specific examples are you trying to match it to? Any doubled die would match with only another doubled die from the same die.
      Bob Piazza
      Lincoln Cent Attributer


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        Thanks for the reply Bob. By examples I meant from different variety sites. Multiple sites with the same doubled die variety example. Funny thing though while attempting to take pics with less glare it them it appeared to me that it matches WDDO-02 as well as WDDO-03. Even the lower ear appears to have abit of something going on atop that. That brings me back to the fact that is not possible unless it is a different die from the examples mentioned. Idk, tbh. Maybe I'm just running around in circles out in left field. Lol, I will attach the newly taken pics. Thanks again Bob
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          There are only a few variety examples for 1995P that this could be, and it is definitely not DDO-001 or DDO-002. The doubling is strong on those varieties. Wexler does list a few very minor varieties other than the main two, and VV list a doubled earlobe variety as well. I do not see any doubling on your coin, and it would be very difficult without focused close up photos. While trying to eliminate glare, you can also eliminate some varieties as the doubling will disappear with different lighting. Doubled dies will have the doubling no matter what the lighting.
          Bob Piazza
          Lincoln Cent Attributer


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            am not detecting a doubled die either.

            This is a DDO-002 below

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            Jason Cuvelier

            Lead attributer