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An Unlisted 1961-D Re-punched mintmark (RPM) ?

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  • An Unlisted 1961-D Re-punched mintmark (RPM) ?

    I went to the Storage Vault and brought home a box of RPM's to sift thru.
    The following RPM I have as "unknown".
    I think I asked J. Wiles about this, but I don't remember the conversation - it was many years ago.
    I have six examples of this RPM.

    unk 1961-D RPM-x2.jpg

    unk 1961-D RPM-x4.jpg
    1961-D unk RPM Obv marker Die Chips B.jpg

    1961-D unk RPM Obv marker Die chip C.jpg 1961-D unk RPM Obv marker column 12 crack.jpg

    All the above photos were taken via a American Scope Trinocular microscope with a 14mp microscope camera.

    Last three photos were take via my smartphone.

    1961-D Unk RPM Obv.jpg 1961-D Unk RPM Rev.jpg 1961-D Unk RPM Rev markers.jpg
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    Gary Kozera
    Website: https://MintErrors.org

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    Nice RPM! May be variety vistas RPM-063?


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      I have a lot of RPM's. =)
      I am going to categorize all of them once I retire. It will take years.

      This might look similar but, in my opinion,
      The mint mark placement is in a slightly different location.
      RPM-063, the "D" doesn't look as thick.
      The one above seems like a different style of "D" compared to RPM-63
      The split serifs above are definitely deeper and more separated as well.
      If it was RPM-63, I am sure that die chip in the "C" of AMERICA would have been used as a die marker as well.

      I don't know the die stage of this coin, but it has to be at least MDS.
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      Gary Kozera
      Website: https://MintErrors.org


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        There are many 1961D RPMs that are not listed in Variety Vista. Have to attempted to find this one in the coppercoins or Wexler files? This one should definitely be listed in VV's files and if it is not there, once the attributions for cents are opened up, this one should be submitted.
        Bob Piazza
        Lincoln Cent Attributer


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          Yes, sir.....

          I didn't see a match for this one at Variety Vista. I have looked several times.

          I went to Coppercoins several times since I thought the split serifs were on the edge of being far enough apart to be listed in CONECA.

          My paper notes say it looked close to Coneca 061, Coppercoins 078 and 091 but they did not seem a good fit.
          Some of the markers on the above mentioned examples were not on the examples I have.

          I didn't wander too far into John Wexler's site, mainly since he highlights the best of the best.
          Nothing wrong with that at all, I am just saying that I believe this probably wouldn't have made that classification.
          The 1961-D Lincoln cent RPM list isn't quite as big as 1960-D, but it is still a lot to find out there.

          I have had some conversations about another topic with Jason C. and he mentioned That RPM's may open in December 2021 or slightly later.
          I am OK with whenever to send them/it in. I can offer one of the six as a "donation" so CONECA has one of them on file.
          Gary Kozera
          Website: https://MintErrors.org


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            I tried to find a match, but it is just too difficult when there are so many to choose from. I think in this case that you should wait for the attributions to open up here and submit the coin at that time. As I said previously, it is definitely something strong enough to be listed here.
            Bob Piazza
            Lincoln Cent Attributer