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1983 p dime giant marshmellow reverse

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  • 1983 p dime giant marshmellow reverse

    16139730023773325938224806019753.jpg Got one for you guys ......i just got a hold of this 1983 p dime....and yes i am aware that the only real listed error that comes up with the 1983 dime is no mint mark s but this thing will catch your eye from 10 feet away it sure got my attention super fast the obverse is totally normal ....but ive named the reverse marshmello puff
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    My first thought is that this is just a very worn reverse die (die deterioration). The dies can be changed independently so it is very possible to have a sharply struck side along with a rather mushy other side.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


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      This lettering makes this entire bottom edge of the coin rim included around 2 times the normal thickness i can measure it with my calipers when i get home vs another 83 p and see how much thicker the coin is and also try to get flat height pics its extremely noticable in person ive seen a ton of dimes and fewer quarters like this before but only maybe 1/3 the thickness added that this one has


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        It's probably die wear - there is no way it is the design - and it is NOT a class 6 doubled die. I cannot think of a striking error that would do this except die fatigue
        Jason Cuvelier
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