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Question regarding silver coins.

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  • Question regarding silver coins.

    I have came across 27 silver coins. I have researched these coins, as well as taken them to two coin dealer's. So please find as follow's. 1) 1921 Morgan silver dollar ( witch is a common coin for that year). 1) 1909 Barber quarter ( high mintage year). 1) 1935 Walking Liberty. 1) 1953 Franklin (both dealer's said they would mark it as a V.F. ) 1) 1959 Franklin (with 3 small die chips under little Eagle both dealer's say's V.F. on it). 1) 1962 D mint Franklin 1( 1963 D mint Franklin both dealer's said a good V.F.). 2) 1964' Kennedy's. 4) 1964 D mint Kennedy's ( both dealer's said something about the hair on some of them). 2) 1965 Kennedy's 1) 1966 Kennedy. 4) 1967 Kennedy's 6) 1968 D mint Kennedy's. Here's my question on all of these. What might a good price for all these together?

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    This is really not what we do here. We do not want anyone to say that CONECA said this, and therefore that's what it should be. Any time you buy or sell, the agreement is between the buyer and seller. It is a supply and demand issue, You can look up ball park figures on the internet or on places like eBay based on closed auctions.
    Did any of the dealers you went to offer you a price for them? That's who most people sell their spare change or collections to.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


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      You could try posting this question on a different forum (like coincommunity.com) that isn't based off of an organization like this one.


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        It's hard not to help this guy with his question.


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          Here's my question on all of these. What might a good price for all these together?
          You have a general idea of condition and years of the coins. You can find the fair market value for most of these at



          The 1964 Kennedy had an accented hair variety, BUT it was on the PROOF version non circulated (collectors edition - extremely shiny)

          1965 through your 1968 Kennedy Halves are 40% silver, where as the 1964 is the only one at 90% silver.

          As Bob stated, pricing is not usually an option on here. You have to take in to account the appearance, appeal, true grade, demand and the current spot price to get the true value.

          The other suggestion I can offer is to find a dealer you haven't asked about these coins yet and say they were part of a collection passed down from the family. You'd like to know the replacement value for these coins for insurance purposes. You're more than likely going to get a better idea of what they are truly worth than a dealer hoping to buy them real cheap.
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          Gary Kozera
          CONECA State Representative for Virginia
          Website: http://www.minterrors.org


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            Based on just today's silver value, I calculate the following. Unless I'm counting wrong, I only count 26 coins.

            1- Morgan $19.05
            1- Barber Quarter $4.45
            1- Walking Liberty $8.91
            4- Franklin's $35.63
            6- Kennedy's 90% $53.45
            13- Kennedy's 40% $47.35

            Total: $168.84

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