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What kind of coin is this Lincoln dollar

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  • What kind of coin is this Lincoln dollar

    This is a 2010 Philadelphia mint Position B Abraham Lincoln Dollar coin.
    I found this coin out of $1000 sealed box.
    There are something different from normal coins.
    On the obverse, Letters of ABRAHAM LINCOLN and Lincoln's portrait are silver color.
    On the reverse, all letters and Statue of Liberty are silver color.
    Edge letters look normal.
    I searched about this coin on the internet but couldn't find any clue.
    Please tell me what kind of coin this is?
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      It appears to be a plated coin-no monetary value, but an interesting find nonetheless.


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        It is a nice looking coin. It weighs 8.1g. But who made this coin and for what purpose ?


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          Some company made it so that they could rip people off by selling it for a premium (even though it isn't worth more than a dollar)


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            Do you mind telling me which company makes this kind of coin? Because I look for this kind of coin on the internet, but I couldn't find the same one.


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              Places like Bradford Exchange, Danbury Mint, moneymetals, and other companies re-plate these coins and sell them as collectors items. Some add holograms or painted highlights. There have been lots of companies like this over the years. You just have to search for them. Some places may no longer be in business.
              Bob Piazza
              Lincoln Cent Attributer


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                Thank you for the information. I already searched Danbury, Bradford and Merrick but I didn't find the same coin. I will keep checking up.


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                  Do a google image search for "silver plated presidential dollar" and look for the one by pcscoins.com; I am guessing they were the creator of your coin.


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                    Thanks a lot for the information. I found the exact same coin.