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1955 Weird Error, help?

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  • 1955 Weird Error, help?

    So I bought this penny at my coin club. It is a 1955 poor mans double die being the last "5" of the "1955" is doubled BUT what I found weird about this coin was when I got home and took it out of the cardboard sleeve it was heavier and thicker then a normal penny. Not to mention that when I looked at the outer rim of this coin you can see groove marks around the entire coin as if it were a coin like a dime/quarter etc. I weighed it in grams on my scale and it weighed 3.3 grams. I'm stumped? Can anyone help me out on what this error may be and what type of rarity/value I may be holding? Might this be a penny stamped on a foreign planchet? If anyone has any input i'm all ears! Thanks all!
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    It's only 3 grains heavier than normal and probably pretty close to the +- allowable tolerance. I don't see the slight increase in weight as being significant.
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      you may want to have someone take a look at this coin. it may be struck on a foreign planchet. it appears to have had the reeded edge before being struck.


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        If a coin was encased and then released it my have marks that you speak of. Without a better picture it's hard to tell.
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