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1963-D 10c FB DDR 67+?

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  • 1963-D 10c FB DDR 67+?


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    I will not make grading guesses based on photos on or above MS65. You need an in hand evaluation from someone who specializes in grading.
    Jason Cuvelier

    Lead attributer


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      I know....it’s a “silly” question....but definitely looks better then this one.. at least when comes to “imperfections”...


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        It's not a 'silly' question but rather the fact that grading requires an in hand exam. Posting another photo will result in the same requirement that you seek something more than what we can do in the forum.
        Bob Piazza
        Lincoln Cent Attributer


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          Third party grading services typically use three graders to look at a coin. It does not take them very long and all are ANA certified graders at a minimum. Grading does go farther than just the appeal of the coin. They typically grade the front and the back, and combine the score. You mention that this is a DDR is there a way to see a closer view of what you consider a DDR ?
          Gary Kozera
          CONECA State Representative for Virginia
          Website: http://www.minterrors.org


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            Vernesm, your posts are lacking clarity and are off topic.

            How is this coin a DDR? Please explain...

            Also, (and I am not discussing this again) you cannot reliably grade from photos. Period. One can buy slabbed examples of various coins in a range of grades and look at them in hand to better understand the nuances of grading. Below MS is easier as it deals with wear on the coin, but MS is a whole other ball game.
            Jason Cuvelier

            Lead attributer