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1988P Lincoln Cent No FG- Variety Attribution?

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  • 1988P Lincoln Cent No FG- Variety Attribution?

    Hello everyone. I ended up here with CONECA as this seems to be THE place to go for potential variety attribution of new finds. I have been searching the last couple weeks about info related to a 1988P LMC No FG (along with Lincoln being pretty much totally removed) only to be left scratching my head. I have reached out to Ken Wexler with these same photo's and he agreed that this is due to over polishing of the dies. My next question is, how do we go about having this become a recognized variety? If additional pics are needed/wanted please just let me know. I think they show it pretty clearly. 1988P LMC Obv 1.jpg 1988P LMC Obv 2.jpg 1988P LMC Rev 1.jpg 1988P LMC Rev 2.jpg

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    Just realized that I posted this in the Error forum and not the Variety forum. If an admin can move this......


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      The error forum is the correct area for this type of anomaly. Die polishing can happen at any time and I am sure you will find many examples of partial or complete abrading. This is normally not something that would be listed as a variety. Over zealous individuals in the past have pushed polishing errors like the 3 legged Buffalo' and the 1969D Missing Designer's initials as something more than what they are. They are simply abrading issues and should not be listed. If we ever get into where someone wants to try and list every abrading coin and assign numbers, they are in for a long haul with no end in sight.
      Bob Piazza
      Lincoln Cent Attributer


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        Thank you for the feedback Bob, it is appreciated greatly.


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          I agree with Bob...
          Jason Cuvelier
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