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1970 S PROOF Quarter with 1941 Canada Quarter Imprint

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  • 1970 S PROOF Quarter with 1941 Canada Quarter Imprint

    Good morning to all of you..I am new Coneca and the Error Group. I have not posted any error coins that I need advice as well as your expertise on them, but I have come across a couple 1970 S Quarters straight out of the Proof set themselves. Here is my question- I realize there is a better chance at winning the lottery than coming across either of the error Proof coins both Barber and the 1941- BUT is it possible for there to be for lack of a professional term "transfer" errors of these coins that have come onto proof sets?

    I ask, as I have studied these two particulars for three weeks now every night and comparing to the famous proof set errors and I am definitely seeing not just a couple but multiple if not all of the imprints on my coins. ONE MAJOR EXCEPTION which is why I do not think I have either..Obverse side of my coins are not prominent as the one and only out there. Most are clear as day but there are some of the ones on the side that take an angle to see or it is very very faint.

    Apologies for the long bio---I needed to explain as best I could as to why asking and if my transfer question is possible but would not be considered a real 1941--and yes you can see the 1941 on the back....

    WHY NO PICTURES? Well I not have a great microscope and I am not professional. Able to angle for myself and others but to take a pic of solo is not working out so far....
    Last edited by alize683; 10-27-2021, 09:59 AM. Reason: took some pics. their not the greatest but here are a few areas that I am referring to...I will NOT be offended if I am told "DUH NO CHANCE ARE ANY OF THOSE DESIGNS THERE" lol

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    I wish there were photos that I could see and address your concerns with. Are they posted here yet and I am just missing them? Based on your descriptions, it certainly is possible for what you call a 'transfer' error on a proof coin, but I am thinking you are talking about die clashes. There are literally thousands of errors that just don't have a lot of information available because they are either real minor, or are considered damage versus a genuine mint error. You make mention of 1970S or 1941 Proof errors? Could you leave a link as to what you are comparing yours to? I would love to help you with this, but I need a bit more.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


    • alize683
      alize683 commented
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      Bob I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to respond let alone educate along the way. I have take pics with my phone but am not getting good evidence of what exactly I am talking about, I am going to upload what I have but I honestly have to say I feel it does not do any justice of showing all of the images and marking, I do not think i have a real gem winner but there definitely are many alike characteristics. I am comparing photos of both error coins to the two I randomly found on ebay by someone who is selling the real deal. His markings are just more pronounced and in your face when first looking at coins, as mine are very shiny proofs where some you can see looking straight down but most you have to have under light and magnifying glass. And his are not shiny proofs but more rustic but I swear I am seeing transfer.

      Will be working on uploading pics now. but it is something with both that a in person look does more justice.

      anyway thank you again!

    • alize683
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      Photos uploaded. But not really there what I am referring to

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    Like I said pics aren’t showing or doing what I am asking questions about. I apologize
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 3 photos.


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      These are a couple parts of the 1970 Halo proof. Again I got the worse outcome compared to real time
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