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Colgate- Palmolive token from the early 1900's

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  • Colgate- Palmolive token from the early 1900's

    Hey guys!! I don't know if you guys are interested in token's but I thought I would share this very rare one. My mom wrote them a letter in 1979 asking for more information about it and they wrote her back. I have this letter and the token and thought it would be neat to share. I don't know the value or anything just thought it was a nice piece of history. KIMG0149.JPG KIMG0147.JPG KIMG0148.JPG KIMG0148.JPG
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    Now this is cool stuff. Thanks for taking the time to post it here.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer


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      Your very welcome!!! My mom took a piece of paper and a pencil to get the rubbing or (frottage) of the token so she wouldn't have to send the actual token itself. It's been hidden away since just recently. I never even knew she had it. I'm thinking of sending it to PCGS to be put in a holder and sold through great collections auction . She needs money and would be willing to part with it if is valuable.


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        Unfortunately, there were plenty of these token made and there are a lot for sale in auctions. I found an auction of 41 of them on eBay where the prices ranged from 99 cents to $31.50. What makes yours special is the letter from Colgate Palmolive. I don't think you would ever recoup the costs of sending it in to get holdered.
        Bob Piazza
        Lincoln Cent Attributer


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          Ah gotcha . Me and my mom got on line right after I posted that last comment and saw the same thing. We we're like darn! Your right though about the letter. The palmolive lady was real sincere​​​​​ . It added a cool factor!


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            This is cool. These old tokens can be fun and are collected often by people who collect type items made by that manufacturer. I also collect beverage cans, and focus on Dr Pepper, and have thus picked up some old Dr Pepper tokens.
            Jason Cuvelier

            Lead attributer